Taming Niall (A Zia...
By babyfacesweetheart
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Plot: He was famous, not really him but mainly his father, well we can consider it. But the real meaning behind that is he hated being famous and if he is famous here comes arranged marriages and some other stuff he doesn't want. That is Niall Horan's life and he absolutely hate it. He was desperate and longing for something. he wanted to just to love and be loved back. Is too much to ask for? Yes it is. When your life is almost on the edge of oblivion it really is too much. That is Zayn Malik's life and he absolutely hate it. So what if a great oppurtunity came to Zayn, an opportunity to become part of the world most richest family. of course he'll accept but the bad thing about it is Zayn didn't know what awaits him. He probably need a dozen of bullet proof vest because he was going tame a one hell of leprechaun and it's just getting started. Allrightsreserved2014 Babyfacesweetheart Cover Credits: ayeitslarry (Old), thetoothfairy49 (New)

Taming Niall (A Ziall Mini Fic)

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Taming Ni...
by babyfacesweetheart