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Siena Grace and Ben Solo had been friends since they had first met when Ben was recruited to join the Jedi. They were practically inseparable as they trained together in the ways of the Jedi. That is, until the Sith. Ben is tempted by there ways and power, betraying the galaxy, and leaving Siena, he takes off across the galaxy becoming the most feared man in history. But Siena wont give up on her childhood best friend that easily. So she sets of on a dramatic adventure with one goal in mind. Save Ben. --- Note: i do not own star wars (sadly) or any of the star wars characters. Though the plot is mine as is Siena. Warning: this contains major spoilers for the force awakens. Started - December 22nd 2015 Finished - February 1st 2016 2018 update - The fact that this was written in under two months definitely shows. Thanks for reading and enjoy =D 2017 update: I wrote this when I was 14. It is not the best and there are a LOT of errors. One day I will go through and correct it all. 2018 update: That is never happening.

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To Love t...
by EINAMS020