Amoré- Book 1 {Amo...
By Miss_perezz
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"I'll kill you fast, I would say you won't feel a thing," he shrugged. "but that's total bullshit." Enzo said. His blue eyes turning to hate. He hesitates, stopping mid air with his gun. "Just do it already." I say weakly. I'm so done. At least I can die, knowing Reese has a family now. A family I wish I can say goodbye to. Enzo puts the gun down, smiling mischievously. "No, I won't kill you today." He tilts his head to the side. "I'll make you suffer, just like Thomas suffered." He whispered the last part. And with that, his fist connects with my jaw and I black out. * * * He hides something. I have too many secrets. I'll do anything to know them. She can try.

Uno- Back again

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by Miss_perezz