Chasing Wild Hearts...
By glitter_xox
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[Previously known as Chase Me Alpha. The Alpha series can be found on Inkitt] Keeping a secret that could change the way people think about you is hard. Skylar Chance keeps that secret. She's kept it for years and no one can make her say it. Not even an Alpha that tortures her. Running away from one Alpha to become a mate of another Alpha? It's not something she wanted. Ever. The Moon Goddess works in wonders sometimes. Alpha Damien. The youngest, most ruthless and merciless Alpha to walk the Earth. They say he has a frozen heart. They say he shows no mercy to those who try to come for him and his Pack. The Blood Moon Pack. They say a lot of things about him. What will Skylar say when she finds out he's her mate? Will she keep her secret?

Chapter One

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Chasing W...
by glitter_xox