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By Stars_in___
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At first it was Mibuchi Reo who got beaten in the mid-term exam. Rank 5 [ Yuki Togane 754 Point ] Rank 6 [ Reo Mibuchi 699 Point ] But, even though that name, Yuki Togane, get into the top 5 rank, still no one knows her. Ofcourse the flamboyant guy get a bit curious, he search for the person, but to no avail. No one really knows. The final 1st term exam, Yuki beat 2 people in a row, which almost make Akashi interested about her. Rank 1 [ Seijurou Akashi 1000 Point] Rank 2 [ Shimizu Sakuragi 950 Point ] Rank 3 [ Yuki Togane 899 Point ] Akashi never saw Yuki Togane's name on the board before. Its make him a more interested, since no ones really know her too. Until... The Final 2nd term exam. Rank 1 [ Seijurou Akashi 1000 Point ] Rank 2 [ Yuki Togane 999 Point ] The redhead guy decided he will search for that person, and kinda want to scout her for entering student council, and ... Explain it to him why no ones know who Yuki Togane is.

The missing one

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Past Pres...
by Stars_in___