Beneath These Ashes
By euphoricsparks
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • betrayal
  • burns
  • fire
  • love
  • murder
  • outcasts
  • secrets
  • siblings


After a house fire shakes Elise Daniels and the whole town of Dillingham, leaving one dead and countless others injured, they're left with unanswered questions and a suspect that just doesn't make sense: Elise's older brother, Aiden. Desperate for a culprit to blame, the town's confusion quickly turns to harsh assumptions and cold judgment; branding Elise and her family as their new resident outcasts. Despite having opinions that seem to clash with people she thought would always be on her side, she sets out to prove on her own that Aiden didn't start the fire . . . but someone in Dillingham did. As the puzzle begins to piece itself together and truths are brought to the surface, Elise realizes that the people she thought she knew the most are the people she really doesn't know at all. And the arsonist she's been so desperately looking for, is a lot closer than she thinks. In a small town, very few things stay hidden. But the things that do, well, they're hidden for a reason.


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Beneath T...
by euphoricsparks