The Harvest Wars...
By MarcoBaier
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • anti-hero
  • corruption
  • dark
  • dark-fantasy
  • dystopian
  • evil
  • fighting
  • grimdark
  • horror
  • plague
  • post-apocalyptic
  • science-fantasy
  • sword-and-sorcery
  • undead
  • villains
  • violence
  • war


Following the mysterious outbreak of the Blood Plague, the once mighty city of Covenport lies in ruins, its former citizens reduced to ghouls and zombies that roam the streets in search of living flesh. Yet amongst all the ash and burned-out buildings, there are still great treasures to be found.... And so it is that-for the first time in centuries-the warring states of the Scarred Empire set aside their differences and unite to "liberate" the city. It is the time of the Grand Crusade. Amongst this powder keg of conspiracy and intrigue, the Skulltakers find themselves in the employ of a king with great plans and few scruples. Even the infamous band of bounty killers may have bitten off more than they can chew as their royal patron sends them into the bowels of the infested city, to find an artifact that has the power to unite or destroy the quarrelsome Empire. Meanwhile, one of the most monstrous races of Ruuin, the shark-like Megalodon, have troubles of their own as they find their city-fortress besieged by the very destroyers of Covenport-the Thirteen. Once the greatest heroes of the Empire, they now are the sworn enemies of life; undead agents of entropy. Will their power bring down yet another city, or will the Lords and Terrors of the Boiling Seas prevail in this battle of monster versus undead? +++++ The Harvest Wars chronicles the exploits of the infamous Skulltakers-monster-hunting mercenaries-and the Thirteen, undead heroes-turned-villains, who seek to eradicate all life. Crusade is the second installment of The Harvest Wars series; Awakening, a Wattpad Featured, and Fantasy HOT 100 story, being the first.

The World of Ruuin

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The Harve...
by MarcoBaier