Towards Redemption...
By CeeTheSpinster
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He was nothing like her. "I've got your next assignment," The caller says, "Are you ready?" He loads his gun. "Always." She was nothing like him. "Are you sure that this is allowed?" She asks. They were the two sides of a coin; "I'm a fúcking assassin little girl. I kill for money and sometimes, just for the fun of it." He was the villain, She was the girl he was going to get at any cost, "So we are friends?" He asks, "Yes. We are." She replies. "But I want to be more than that." He says and her eyes widen in surprise. They fall in love, But sometimes, love isn't enough, sometimes you have to put your faith in Him too. Because He decides how every story starts and how it ends. "Do you believe in God?" She asks, he shakes his head. "That's just a bunch of bull. In the world we live in, He doesn't exist." He replies. "I think, no I know He exists." She tells him, "And when I die, I'm going to Him." She smiles. "Like I'll let you go that easily." He laughs. But in the end, he is left with no choice to believe and put his faith in Him. Because He was all that stood between death and the woman he couldn't live another day without. And sometimes, the villain is the good guy. ©2015, CeeTheSpinster™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Towards R...
by CeeTheSpinster