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By MaraShapshay
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Welcome to my blog, The Self Worth Diet on Wattpad! Here you will find recipes, personal stories, articles that I wrote for The Huffington Post GPS for the Soul as well as self help pieces. The Self Worth Diet is a spiritual as well as self help blog that helps you with your self worth. You will find great tips and advice on how to live a healthy life both emotionally, physically and spiritually. You will also get to read about my sordid, weird life and experiences. This blog was originally started after I sued Jenny Craig for having to have emergency gallbladder removal surgery from being on their diet. My suit went very public but I dropped it in order to advocate against the dangers of the dieting industry. It is my goal to shine a light on the body image and self worth issues we all suffer from. I hope you find these recipes, personal stories, articles and self help pieces helpful as you trudge the road to happy destiny.

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The Self...
by MaraShapshay