Love Hurts
By all_you_need_is_tini
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Martina Stoessel: Rich very smart girl who moves a lot around the world becouse od her father's job. Jorge Blanco: Rich spoiled kid who is very popular in school and always get what he wants Mercedes Lambre: Martina's best friend, Ruggero's girlfriend who has a lot of influence on Jorge Ruggero Pasquarelli: Jorge's best friend and Mercedes boyfriend. Very protective over Mercedes Lodovica Comello: She's Jorge's sister but she dosen't want that anyone knows that becouse her brother is a player and she thinks that all what she would have from that are girls with broken heart who she would need to comfort. She is also very close friend of Mechi Jorge is a tipical bad boy who was in a lot "relationships". Mercedes dosen't like that becouse she is very jealous over every girl that talks to Ruggero. She has a lot od friends becouse she is close friend to Jorge. But they aren't really real friends and she knows it. Her real friends are Lodovica, Candelaria, Alba and Martina --- Cover made by @p_storywriter

The Begining

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Love Hurts
by all_you_need_is_tini