Taming Cameron (COM...
By Juette_Curtina
  • Romance
  • billionaire
  • blonde
  • boss
  • conflict
  • disapproval
  • family
  • fiery
  • humor
  • jealousy
  • love
  • pretend
  • promiscuity
  • romance
  • shortstory
  • tamed


Meet Cameron Crawford: She smokes and considers sex a sport. She doesn't have sex with one man twice, but she engages in sexual activities more than twice a week. Meet Nathaniel Caine: He is Cameron's boss, and is disgusted by her promiscuity, but what can he do? The woman is good at her 'job'. Nathaniel later wants someone to pose as his fiancée for his family reunion and his only option is Cameron. A week can be a long time for a woman like Cameron to go without sex or her cigarette, but will she be tamed by Nathaniel? "NO sex with any of my family members, and if you ruin the plan, you won't get paid." Nate smiled wickedly. Cameron cocked a brow and smiled "What about sex with you?". Find out more in "Taming Cameron Highest rank: #17 in short story!

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Taming Ca...
by Juette_Curtina