I Made You, You Stu...
By BipolarAtTimes
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A girl, once loved and desired, is now a complete nobody. Her beautiful, long, dark hair isn’t envied by many girls anymore. Her dark, chocolate eyes are ignored and her gorgeous face is invisible to others. How can a beautiful girl be ignored and rejected by many so many people? Well, that’s all thanks to Xavier Blaire. Paige Daniels isn’t your typical beauty. She doesn’t take advantage of people with her exquisiteness. She doesn’t trifle on guys or laugh at girls who aren’t beautiful like her. Her modesty is admired by so many people. No one dislikes her, because she acts equal to everyone else. She was something not a lot beautiful girls are – she’s down to earth. Every guy who met her is attracted to her, including the new student, Xavier Blaire. His erotic, cocky, charming personality captures her attention, but many girls don’t really see him like she does. It all changed when they broke up. For some reason, everyone doesn’t really see Paige like they did before. Now, every girl wants Xavier and that made him someone. It changed him to a heartbreaking jerk. It’s his fault everyone thought Paige is strange. It’s her fault that he became unpleasant. She made him into a jerk. She made him into a heartbreaker. She made him into a stupid player.

Pop Quizzes, Glass Shoes, and the New Kid

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I Made Yo...
by BipolarAtTimes