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A world of loss. A town at its last hour. A war that will destroy, a girl with power. Losing both parents might be rare, though nothing in her world was fair. So left an orphan, with only a sister to care. A lost boy who lays a claim to her heart, will fight beside her and play his part. Though, little does he know that he is not the only one. For a boy with fire, anything she would have done. When the race is at its end. An army of evil will rise, led by a man that cries the glory of revenge, will make the world hail to his town of Midale. Author's Note This is my very first book and I've really worked hard on my part to write it, but I still can't assure you that it's a great book or anything like that but what I can tell you is that it definitely deserves a chance so please give it one. This work is protected by the copyright law so any imitation is illegal(even though I would be way more flattered than angry if anyone actually wanted to copy my work;D ).But seriously guys plagiarism is a crime punishable by law. All the characters and places are fictional and the cast might be a little different looking than the description I provide but it's mostly just the hair and the eyes. I just wanted you guys to have an idea of their appearance.

Chapter One: Not Normal

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