Red Ribbon Of Fate
By Happyharshini
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" A magical connection that ties two souls together. An unbreakable bond between two individuals. A mythical Chinese belief from times immemorial. That is the Red String of Fate. It is the kind of bond that not only makes one feel an instant attraction to their soulmate, but an actual invisible red thread that ties their little fingers together." Riya Krishnan- A fun, bubbly, vivacious, shy dental student whose dream is to follow in her uncle's footsteps and become well-known in her profession. Arya Mahadevan- A hard-headed and short tempered yet extremely caring and lovable skyscraper of hotness with chocolate brown eyes one can drown in. What happens when their paths collide? When they feel a magnetic pull towards each other? Are they destined to be bound? Follow the duo as they overcome jealousy, face misunderstandings and enjoy with their friends in their journey to discover each other and at the same time discover themselves. Laugh as they make fools of themselves, cry as they unknowingly hurt each other, giggle as they lovingly embrace and last but not least, click the READ button if you want to know what happens to them!!! :) :D <3 Started: Dec 28th 2015 Finished: March 26th 2016 #5: Hot list highest 1/4/16 #138 Romance highest 4/5/16 #3 ChickLit highest 27/8/16, 2/11/ 16 Back to Chicklit! I am one confused soul :P


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Red Ribbo...
by Happyharshini