The One Who Walks W...
By katmadison
  • Romance
  • alpha-males
  • interracial
  • paranormal
  • thrilling
  • wolves


Snubbed by her foster family because of her strange emphatic powers, Tara Amaris came to San Francisco, CA in search of a new life. For two years she lived in peace working various jobs to support herself until her current job brought her face to face to a destiny she never saw coming. Now Tara finds herself being chased by a supernatural being that both frightens and fascinates her. There are wolves in San Francisco, ones that walk as humans beings in order to blend in with society to survive. And two particular dangerous, aggressive, Alpha wolves have set their sights on Tara determined to make her theirs by any means necessary. The One Who Walks with Wolves is an interracial romance with a supernatural setting. Be prepared, this story can be a little scary with a lot of twists and filled with an intense love between three very different beings who strive to overcome complicated challenges.

Chapter One

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The One W...
by katmadison