The Alphas Girl
By _One_True_Love_
  • Werewolf
  • abuse
  • alpha
  • love
  • luna
  • mate
  • revenge
  • rivals
  • save
  • soulmate
  • werewolf


Half way to the door I remembered I forgot to grab my jacket and walked back to the dinning room and was hit by this wonderful smell. My wolf started to go crazy and I look up to see a small pale girl with long black wavy hair and pale blue eyes. All my wolf kept saying was mate over and over again. She was cleaning up the table when her head snapped up to my direction. Her eyes widened and she instantly bowed her head down and stepped back from me. "I am sorry Alpha Colton I did not know you were coming back" she said shaking in fear. Just then Alpha Andrew walked in and slapped her yelling "DONT JUST STAND THERE CLEAN THIS SHIT UP!" My wolf sprang forward and I grabbed Alpha Andrews throwing him across the room yelling "YOU DARE LAY YOUR HAND ON MY MATE!" I then grabbed his head smashing it into the wall knocking him out and turned to my princess. Charity Andrews is a werewolf who hasn't shifted yet. She is abused and mistreated by her pack for this reason because they don't think she is anything but a worthless human. That all changes when Alpha Colton comes for a meeting. Alpha Colton is the coldest meanest Alpha that many fear. When he goes to Alpha Andrews pack to settle a rivalry he didn't expect his mate to be the packs punching bag. He has been looking for his mate for a long time and now that she is right infront of him he is pissed at what she has gone through.

Chapter 1

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The Alpha...
by _One_True_Love_