The Ambrose Asylum
By AmbroseGirl234
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#1 in deanlee 6/15/19 #1 in ajambrose 6/18/19 -------------- Do you know what a mental breakdown is, well AJ Lee does. "I'm not crazy" she kept telling people. AJ had a complete mental breakdown over what, no one knows. She tried to kill her family by burning them alive, after she told authorities she didn't remember doing any of that. Kill or be killed, she said. However everyone in town knew AJ wasn't all that sane, she was known as the girl who heard voices, talked to herself, and had bad issues. AJ is one step from saying 'I see dead people'. Now at 16 years old her parents only want their daughter to get better, so they send her to the one place that can cure her. The Ambrose Asylum named after the infamous Dean Ambrose, who is a complete and utter lunatic. His parents had the place built for their very unstable son, today the asylum is one of the worlds top recovery areas for the mentally unstable. The only person who has never been cured is Dean, at 17 now his parents have given up hope of ever having a normal child. They completely disowned him, and moved to LA with their second child a little girl who is 6 years old and quite normal. Only when is no help left for you, are you sent there. All AJ can think is "I'm not crazy enough to go there", being moved from Union City, New Jersey to Cincinnati, Ohio. There she meets all types of people from all types of backgrounds, but what happens when Dean takes and interest in her? Will she ever finish what she started? What will happen for her now? One things for sure there nothing normal about this place. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***ALL RIGHTS RESERVED*** There will be explicit language. Love ya'll and keep reading. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cover By: moxllama


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The Ambro...
by AmbroseGirl234