Seven Feet Under (t...
By ML_Brooks
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A foot below six feet is where Seven live. Well, sort of. ~ Madeira was completely normal. In fact, maybe less than normal, nearing the boring section of the scale. Until the day she is kidnapped by a vampire cult and given an ultimatum: become one of them or the snack. 100 teens from all over the country are taken each year to grow the bloodsucking population a bit. Usually taken in pairs from 50 different cities and towns to ensure a sense of security at their new home, somehow three were taken from Madeira's town. The other two? The womanizing Wilder that's feelings are as conflicted as her own, and Fraser, the protective boy with something guarded behind those deep brown eyes. In this underground world that feels an awful lot like the underworld, nothing is as it seems. The people she's trusted the most are becoming the ones to doubt. The wrong decisions start to feel right. The lines between good and bad aren't just blurring- they're turning red. Dealing with vampires really sucks. ~ A Twilight meets Divergent feel with so much more, Seven Feet Under will have you intrigued from the first page. Share your love and support the author by voting, commenting, following, and sharing!

Chapter 1. Abduction

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Seven Fee...
by ML_Brooks