The Yurai Saga: The...
By Pennator
  • Science Fiction
  • choice
  • dragon
  • elite
  • fight
  • gun
  • leader
  • sword
  • technology
  • wormhole


Tergha is at war, and has been at war for thousands of years. A continuous battle, fought for reasons unknown. Millions are killed every year, and children are called forth to fill the ranks. Yet still no one wins, and no one looses. But everything is changed as a young boy from a different world is thrown into the mix. Dale lives in a small farm in south western Australia, but when he stumbles upon a find that completely rips the fabric of everything he believes in he finds himself thrown into a world where dragons rule the skies and technology is far more advanced. Swords fight alongside guns. Dragons fight alongside robots. As he grows into his new role in this world he begins to see what they are really fighting for and the disastrous consequences that will happen if Tergha looses... or wins. (I do not own the cover photo. This belongs to its original owners. The story however belongs to me, as well as any characters that are created.) (Thanks to @AdolphaSelrah for creating the cover)

Authors Note

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The Yurai...
by Pennator