Falling Slowly
By happenstancelove
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In the course of one's journey, you may often find yourself falling for that one person you wouldn't expect. It takes time, patience, and a whole lot of guts to get yourself out there and offer your heart to that one person you couldn't live without. Maine Mendoza was not expecting him in her life. For what it was worth, she thought everything would start and end on the screen. What she didn't expect was finding her best friend, her confidante, her lover. This is a story about how a heart falls for the smallest things, and how a journey leads to happiness. I know this is MaiChard but I've decided that I will be ending this one-shot collection on the day Divina finally answers KalyeSerye Alden and they're BF/GF (OR... if Maine and RJ actually admits to being a couple, but I'm not holding out for that.) Standard disclaimer applies. This is a work of fiction!


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Falling S...
by happenstancelove