All About Him (Boyx...
By JoshHollows
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Micah is the guy who everyone neglects,hes the quiet kid who knows all the answers,the straight A kid who gets blackmailed into doing others homework.The guy who's been called a freak,a weirdo ever since a disaster that happened on his first date with a girl,the disaster spreaded rumors like wild fire,He hates school,and his best friend is his dog.His school unfortunately being the typical,hateful against gays,and labeling cliche type of school.Getting bullied,and embarrassed three times or more a week from the student body,he hides in the bathroom occasionally till its all over.Till one day , the new kid moves from Australia and starts attending his school.He happens to be tan,lean ,tousled dirty blonde hair,and an accent to kill for.His name is Drew,He starts to become best friends with Micah after a few incidents with each other,making his life easier Drew is on a mission to get Micah to be more outgoing and happier.To say the least,Drew is outgoing and fun,and always seems to be the center of attention,the exact opposite of Micah.So opposite that Drew is straight of course,he'd never think otherwise right?And Especially with Micah,no way.Not that he minds Micah's sexuality,because he certainly doesnt. But Micah starts to develop feelings for Drew,so will he finally realize that love is what he needs?Will he finally come to see thats what hes been looking for this whole time?And thats what he needs to fill that empty hole in his chest.Is him?Is Drew? Or will he realize he can only look,but not touch.

Chapter 1

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All About...
by JoshHollows