Another Zombie Day
By AnirudhRath
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Another Zombie Day . Cover : Anirudh Rath (Me !) The story is actually a remake of a funny five page Digital Comic I made back in 2015. While sitting in the classroom I got the idea to create a serious and a intense plot and later make a animated series of it. The Story, unlike a usual zombie plot, is focused on two teenagers. Anirudh (Me) and Sarthak (My friend). The Zombie Apocalypse here is not some Virus or plague. It is a failed (In human sense) science experiment that purposely went wild. It is the birth of a new life, rising from the dead. Evolving faster than humans, learning faster than humans, more cruel and a lot more than we can imagine. This new race, lost, have no purpose but to eat humans to stay alive, needed a leader. Destiny... the person most trusted, turns into queen of the hive. Get along in this journey with us. We don't have to live, we have to survive. This planet belongs to the living, not to dead.

It All Began

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Another Z...
by AnirudhRath