The White Queen (En...
By pigginauthor
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In the oceans, all life is about to be lost. The plankton which many lives depend on is fatally diseased. Merfolk the world over know this and many have discovered they can transform their tails to legs by mating with humans. Ergo their only chance of survival is to abandon the ocean entirely. They may not then be merfolk any longer, but they will be alive, or at least their future generations will. Morg is born to a sect of merfolk who believe in the move from ocean to land, but she detests the very notion of letting a land dweller male mate with her. She refuses to believe the only option is to leave the ocean, and learns of the White Queen, a mermaid who can see into the future. Surely she will be able to help, surely she will have the answer all need to stay in the ocean. Please note: There are some scenes of non-graphical sexual abuse on a young mermaid. Please do not read if you are easily offended.

Scene 1

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The White...
by pigginauthor