The wolf and his gu...
By Sliverwillow
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This is the story of Alex and Rick from the Wolf and the werewolf prince. This is the 2nd book of the series and can be read as a stand alone,but the first book gives some good details about this one a bit. Alex Runes is a werewolf,a very damaged werewolf. He took the place of youngest brother when a sadistic wizard demanded his baby brother as his pet. With a damaged wolf,unable to shift,the other inhabitants of the castle watching him and mute Alex will have a a lot of challenges to overcome. Sebastian is an Atlantiean,one of the hidden races on earth. He has searched for his mate for years finally find him in the form of an abused broken werewolf pup. He has lived for eons waiting for his mate,he knows it'll take time for his little mate to heal and he is willing to wait...and avenge him. Will Alex warm up to Sebastian before the wizard who hurt come back and takes him again, and will Sebastian avenge his mate by killing those who hurt him and ending the life of the evil man who abused Alex for years.

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The wolf...
by Sliverwillow