Setting Myself Free
By midreveuse
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The only way to be yourself. Shannon Abigail Glenns. A total normal girl. Not. Some would say that she has problems. Depression and bipolar disorders does not exactly make you normal. For ten years, Shannon has been stuck in an adoption center. Her mother and three month year old baby sister, Lea, died in a terrible fire. But Shannon could only believe that they are still coming for her. But what happens when Shannon tries escaping from the adoption center? Getting kidnapped by a gang is not fun. Especially the gang leader who is a sadistic dumbo. Will Shannon ever find out who she really is? Besides the insanity, of course. Can she uncover the secrets that has been kept for so long? Let's pray that she could keep her cherry lollipops. Highest Ranks: 876 in Humor 5/11/16 780 in Humor 5/13/16 596 in Humor 5/25/16 535 in Humor 6/23/16 438 in Humor 6/24/16 62 in Humor 7/15/16


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Setting M...
by midreveuse