Ice blue (On hold)
By mistymusic24
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Extract: Hi I'm Ethan Jay Harley you're soulmate but you can call me babe, baby, sexy, handsome s*x bomb, love or anything else you can think of just nothing that will make me seem like a pu*ssy. Oh and I didn't drug you for your information. How could you think that babe? I'm hurt." said Ethan with a smirk on his face and his hand on his heart. I just stared at him baffled. I couldn't even respond with a witty remark that's how confused I am. My dad sighed. "Looks like I've got some explaining to do haven't I princess?" Said my dad. /////////////////////////// Meet Rachael. The girl who's moved around a lot. Place to place not knowing why just trusting her parents no questions asked. Meet Ethan. He has secrets. But who doesn't? Secrets also escape the holder but why does it always bring something else? When Ethan and Rachael meet, earlier than planned they find that they have to accept each other quicker than others have in the past. As they are getting used to each other, problems come their way. What will the issues bring upon them both? How will they react? Join their roller coaster ride and take the journey as these two soul mates go through heaven and hell. (Sorry guys I'm not very good with summaries) /////// 16K on 22/03/18 Highest rank: #61 Paranormal on 2/7/16 & #160 in unwanted Edited Chapters: 1,2,3,4 Started: 06-12-15 Finished:


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Ice blue...
by mistymusic24