The Scarlet Ruler
By damon_misaki92
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Highest ranking: N°71: Fantasy/Romance Liliana Katerina Valerian . My name is a mouthfull, I know... I am 24yrs old, and the crown princess of 'Valeria'. A country, were everyone lives together in Harmony and peace. Here, everyone has something special. Water, Air, Earth and Fire. Each of these powers, have been used for over a thousand years. In Valeria, it's forbidden to use it for Killing. Everyone thought that Valeria's Crown Princess didn't have any powers..And that, that was the reason why she left the Country 4yrs ago. What they didn't know is, I posses all the four powers.. Including Compos. I can make people do and say whatever I want. Just by knowing their names. My father the king was murdered, And I swore to avenge his death. I came back for one reason..Revenge. But fate had something else in store for me. Falling in love with the enemy. Becoming Lovers who can't live without each other. Mortal enemies. A redhaired fearless Queen known as "The Scarlet Queen".

The Scarlet Queen

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The Scarl...
by damon_misaki92