Second Love [Comple...
By Anishaluv
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Second Love previously known as Billionaire's LOVE or OBSESSION Ranked #80 in Romance on [28.09.17] Ranked #88 in Romance on [24.09.17] Ranked #93 in Romance on [24.09.17] Susan Marie Joseph, 21 years old a young woman full of determination. She is Smart, Beautiful, Stubborn, a clean freak and was in love with her high school boyfriend Adrian Chris Johnson, 23. Both of them work in the same company Williams corporations. Where Susan works in an accounts department and Adrian work as a Manager in Shipping branch both are too much in love. Adrian and Susan have love which is totally dreams come true ready for the next big step. Things are going smooth and Perfect to say until one solo vacation. Which change their lives as Billionaire Xavier Williams lands his eyes on Susan and made his personal ambition to find her and make her fall for him. Xavier Williams rude, Handsome, a bit of a womanizer, rich gentleman. He never fails to get what he wants, he never falls in love because he did not find his the one and only yet. Where on the other hand, during holidays Susan's world collapsed when she discovered that Adrian is having an Affair with his school crush Sia Rudey from months as he was constantly ditching her. What will happen when things go difficult and arrange marriage sparks up between leading Susan and Xavier to be a couple through arrange marriage?! Can Susan ever get over with pain given by Adrian? Would Xavier, ever realize that love exists? Can you forget and move on from your horrific past? To know the answers of these questions read Billionaire's LOVE or OBSESSION Vote&comment&share Copyright ©2015


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Second Lo...
by Anishaluv