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By LightningandMoments
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(You do not have to read Back For You to understand this, this is a PREQUEL to Back For You) High School is full of cliques, judgemental people and moments in time that you wish you could delete with the click of a button. Harry Styles is in his element and he’s gliding through high school like it was his kingdom, he had no problems except how to fit in coursework in between parties, girls and more parties. Louis Tomlinson is in a world too big for him and he’s just trying to find a way to handle it, but it’s a little hard when you get jeered at in corridors and kicked down in back alleys. Harry sees Louis and his world gets knocked off kilter, because suddenly all he wants to do is keep the boy safe, and keep him together, and maybe if this Louis-boy doesn’t mind too much, maybe Harry would like to kiss him. “If there’s a time when you feel so down, I’ll be there to hold you up.” “But Harry-” “I will be there when it’s too much, I’ll be right beside you.” “I-” “Trust me. Don’t pull away. I’m just trying to keep you together, because you’re kind of perfect to me.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer: I don't know or own any characters depicted in this fic. It is all fiction, I am not claiming to know what goes on behind closed doors... PS. A CHAPTER OF THIS STORY GOT RATED R BY WATTPAD, SO IF YOU WANT TO READ IT THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW ME, SORRY!!!

There For You {Back For You - Prequel}

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There For...
by LightningandMoments