My Slytherin Prince...
By narianarmy
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It was Hermione Granger's first year at Hogwarts- she studied every spell and witchcraft and wizardry things that every single students should know! Since her parents are muggles it was one of Hermione's biggest worries that someone would bully her- but she wouldn't let that get in her way so instead she decided to be more positive and have fun and learn things at Hogwarts! Granger met so many people at her first year and made so many friends- and they were all in the same house as her except one- who is what people say the worst and meanest house 'Slytherin' and that's where one of the first person she met went. She grew quite fond with the boy and he grew quite fond of her but he keeps it a secret because he too has insecurities of people teasing him that he's dating a mudblood- and since he's a pure blood he and Hermione must not get along! Until one day he gave up- he was sick and tired of everyone judging him that he plucked up the courage to ask his lover out! Find Out What Happened!


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My Slythe...
by narianarmy