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DAWN OF DISARRAY is an exciting and inspiring story about a young man who learns that NOLH, God of All, has chosen him to unite an extremely divided people. He and a small group of friends must quickly hone powers they have only just received, in order to fight a battle different from any in their history books. It is a battle of the heart, and to win, they must look past the facts that surround them and see the world, and its people, through their maker's eyes. Book cover description: Marcus ben' Caliph is stunned when his naming stone reveals its secret; he is the prophesied "Manwel Chosen One of Unity". Just as Marcus comes to terms with his awesome calling, several strange and sudden events, followed by a remarkable vision from NOLH, lead him and an elite group of friends to travel to the treacherous land of Kell, on a mysterious quest, to find an extraordinary woman who will help him fulfill part of his mission. On this journey Marcus learns that an evil but powerful tyrant reins Kell. King Lucius along with his temple priests, hold tight the reins of a thick darkness that covers the land. Marcus learns that the people are not free, for this darkness twists their minds toward evil paths. Most importantly, Marcus learns that he, as the chosen one, must free them from the grip of the Shadow's Darkness by using five unknown, yet crucial, gifts. *** WARNING this is a completed novel and all parts and pieces are copy written. (excluding image) Using or copying any part of this work in any way is subject to prosecution under the law. So don't try and steal it please, just read it, love it and share your love with your friends so they can come and read it too. Thanks***

DAWN OF DISARRAY: Prologue Part 1

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