Ace x Reader - Whe...
By dreams-Kuroki
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A One Piece Modern AU! You have fallen in love with a popular freckled boy in school, Portgas D. Ace. He is cheeky and stubborn, but you felt like you've met him before. Though, your memories from the past are unsteady with missing pieces. However, one cannot forget the dark past that still lives inside your mind. You've gained your trust for your friends as they give you all support and love, they will make way for you to now, gain his love. __________________________________ This book is unfortunately discontinued. The reasons are explained in the last chapter. Kind regards from - Chubby_Panda_Attack (but goes by the name dreams-Kuroki now ^3^) ※Disclaimer The Anime/Manga One Piece and everything belongs to Oda Eiichiro, except the plot that I write. The Art cover, pictures, song lyrics and quotes that I provide in this book belongs to the owner, there is no copyright intended!

The beginning

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Ace x Rea...
by dreams-Kuroki