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This is a collection of my favourite books on wattpad, so look inside if you're in search for any recommendations or amazing books to read to fill your time. Remember to leave me a comment to let me know if you liked any of the books I've recommended and remember, I love being recommended books too! I claim no rights over any of the following books, the only things that are mine are the reviews and the format. I am slowly editing and improving all the older reviews, since I was younger and more lazy, and didn't really do the books justice when I first wrote them. So if the review is in italics, its the updated one, which is much more detailed and if it's not italicised, then I will be changing those soon. Don't let my crappy old reviews put you off, because all the books in here are worth a read! Hope you enjoy my reviews and the books, S #1 in books 23/11/2018 #1 in book reviews #1 in favourites #219 in Random

Breaking the Bad Boy

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by tropically