The Husband
By _Trouvaille
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⚠️Book 2⚠️ "He is your WORST Nightmare." Logan Black is the most Powerful and Richest man in the world, he is dubbed as "The Devil" in the business world. Ruthless and Uncaring as he may be to others, a man has his weaknesses and strengths and his was not his fortune or his empire but simply.. His Wife A tragic accident has taken his wife away from him for the time being, she's under comatose. He doesn't know who did this but he has his suspicions until it was confirmed. He took it in his hands to finish what she started, because afterall his love for her was never ending. Not even 'til death. Secrets will be revealed, the past will always come knocking right at the moment you least expected. ** This is the Sequel to "The Wife" if you have not read that story I would suggest for you to do so.

His Life, his Wife

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The Husba...
by _Trouvaille