The Underground *Un...
By ScarletSkullReaper
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Frisk landing underground could either be a blessing, or a curse, but when this special timeline plays out, Sans realizes it's not like any of the others he's seen before so far. This time there is a second human with Frisk, the human who had appeared out of nowhere on a new bed of flowers, and the girl is different from any other human who has landed down there. While Frisk is threatened to be taken control of by the former fallen human(Chara in this story will be it's name), this girl refuses to give up on the child who she holds a weird connection with. *** Ember Ashlyn, a 17 year old girl who woke up on a bed of flowers, white flowers, weird looking white flowers to be exact. The only white flowers in the underground to be exact. Besides that fact, Ember is about as human as you could get, or at least she thought. Apparently humans are ruthless creatures, they kill and feel no remorse, they are evil beyond comparison, but Ember has never remembered her own kind to be like that. When Ember woke up, panic spread threw her bones because she had no clue how she got to where she was, but she saw a familiar head of hair in the distance. Frisk. She had no remembrance of how she knew the kid, but she felt a need to protect the small 9 year old child. If only she knew what demons Frisk was fighting on the inside, and how the young child might be past the point of saving. Sans, now Sans is a different story. He's seen the same thing multiple times, Frisk comes down and each time the child does there are different outcomes, but he's never seen this human before. Sans would just kill the human child right away, but knowing that Frisk could be good this time around he can't do it, he promised Toriel, and even with the new human he knew he'd have to make the same promise so he can only sit back and watch as this new girl invades his life, for the better, and the worse. Well at least Papyrus likes her. For good reason too. (CONTINUED IN PROLOGUE)


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The Under...
by ScarletSkullReaper