Kidnapped by the Bi...
By rosegraciee
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After a simple night at a football game went tragically wrong, Savannah can only be left to wonder why? Why did her friend ditch her and leave her to be kidnapped by a billionaire? And how does her families' past tie into her future so considerably? Savannah had always lived a relatively average and easygoing life, so it's no surprise that she is suddenly thrown into shock and confusion when a rich and mysterious man steals her away into the night. As she will come to find out, her life wasn't as perfect as she thought, all the while betrayal, heartbreak, and secrets envelope her to the point of no return. The things he reveals to her only scratch the surface of the truth, and she is left to find out the rest of her actual reason for being with him. Can she escape this borderline psychotic, yet gorgeous man, or will she forever just be kidnapped by the billionaire. ~~~ "Are you afraid?" he yelled up with a chuckle as though this was an everyday thing. Afraid? AFRAID, I WAS F*CKING TERRIFIED!! I mean who wouldn't be, I was dangling one story from the ground with nothing but him between me and possible death! And he wants me to trust him to catch me? N O F * C K I N G W A Y "ARE YOU KIDDING RIGHT NOW??!!! I AM TERRIFIED! Please don't make me do this I don't want to die! Plus what if you don't catch me and I fall?!! Then what?" I turned to the guard and stared into his eyes pleadingly as I clutched to his arm praying he would pull me back up. But something in his eyes told me that wasn't going to be happening anytime soon. Its almost been a minute and my grip was starting to loosen, oh god, not now I don't want to die now. So many things I haven't done yet! This isn't fair he can't possible expect me to decide can he? "I will always catch you bella" he whispered, or at least I thought he did, the panic filling my mind kept me unsure of everything around me. But I guess I had no other choice so I counted to three and I just let go....

Chapter 1

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by rosegraciee