When Words Fail, Mu...
By divergentlover_
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Meet Olivia: A self-concious, extremely shy, music-loving nerd. She hates all kind of attention and would rather be sat at the back of class with her earphones in. With loving parents, good grades, amazing friends she lives a good life despite having an extremely annoying twin brother. Meet Noah: A hot, cocky, music-loving guy. With his dad leaving them, his brother took over the role of being dad and looked after his heart-broken mother. When his mum decides they should move house, Noah becomes fast friends with the schools bad-boy- Sam Richards. However he can't help but notice the shy girl at the back of class that keeps to herself. When Noah hears Olivia sing, he can't help but he intrigued by her. But Olivia is so shy she has built up walls so no one will hear her sing. Noah comes determined to break down those walls. But will he be able to do it? Will they become friends or possibly more? What struggles will they face along the way? Because when words fail, music speaks. WARNING: SLOW UPDATES AND VERY CLICHÉ E AT TIMES

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When Word...
by divergentlover_