Unexpected Stupid F...
By mistiquecherry
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She was led on and only used by the guy she fell for, his words seemed honest and true, yet they turned out quite the opposite. They say we usually learn from our mistakes... But has Samantha Monique Gonzales learned her lesson? Well... I guess you could say she pretty much has the dream job at the moment, at first she worked undercover, as the one and only infiltrated fan in la Banda, but now that CNCO has been formed, she gets asked by the executive producers, to continue to be part of the boys' experience as a band. So she's just about hanging out with 5 five hot guys, during most of her time, because she needs to get lots of footage, interviews and pics from the boys, as part of her job as the blogger of the official CNCO social media accounts. So you see, it's pretty amazing and quite simple.Oh wait, there's only one rule she must never break though, NOT EVER FALL IN LOVE WITH ANY OF THE BOYS...because not only could this cost her her job, but even worse , this could also mess her up...PSHHH NO BIG DEAL....besides, her Heart is as frozen as ice, and no one could ever hear it up, and it's not like she could ever stand a chance with any of the boys....right? But as she starts to spend more time with the boys, and gets to know them better, she inevitably starts to have stupid unexpected feelings....and it gets harder for her not to break that one rule...especially with Erick around all the time, as he makes her doubt whether his intentions are purely honest...or will he just use her, and turn out just another heartbreaker with a pretty face?....

Chapter 1

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by mistiquecherry