My adopted dad want...
By CSEdward
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This story is about Primrose black she is 16 and in foster care an lives with a lot of other kids just like her she hates it she is made fun of by most kids her age but then suddenly she gets adopted but by who and why What will happen when she's meets her new daddy Rob Mars 26 is the CEOs of a big chain of hotels he has money girls big fancy cars goes on trips all the time he thinks his life is complete till her meets her primrose then he would do anything to make her his then he finds out he's has no one so he does the logical thing he adopts her he can't wait till she calls him daddy ______________________________________________ This story has sexual things in it and had some trigger and story of rape etc if you don't like anything like this don't read ps everything in this story is fictional

I hate working

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My adopte...
by CSEdward