Forever Mine and Fo...
By LucyDelReyCrane
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Joseph Anoai' is a man who at this point of his life where he can not make any big mistakes. After his family is finally moving on from his past actions, he is working hard to gain that title of a good man. But he can't avoid the consequences that come from the damage he had caused. Things start​ to unfold when he starts his new career as a football coach at is old college. What happens when he meets a fragile Robin? Joseph being a hard working man and very content on his own, finds himself using his heart for the first time in his life when he meets Robin. Problems arise and he questions his choices in life. How does Robin react to the attention she has never gotten before? How fast will they fall in love? *REVISED AND ALTERED (P.S- this is my first story guys please don't be too harsh. )


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Forever M...
by LucyDelReyCrane