Game On, Angel
By gonebeforethesunsets
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Angelina Bexley is a Victoria's Secret supermodel who goes by the nickname "Angel." When her identity is discovered, she moves and pays the person to keep quiet. Enter Finn Owens, a player. He's arrogant, attractive, and wants Angelina. Meanwhile, Angelina's secret is about to get exposed and there's nothing she can do about it. Finn has never had a challenge, something that changes when Angelina enters his life as his twin sister's best friend. Now Angelina is off-limits, but that doesn't stop him. What does, however, is his least-expected obstacle: Angelina herself. Follow Angelina and Finn as they experience frustration, confusion, and... love? I'M NOT STEALING THIS!! I HAD THIS POSTED ON MY OLD ACCOUNT BEFORE I DELETED IT. Please note that I wrote this a couple of years ago and this was the first story I'd ever written, so please excuse any mistakes (I'm sure there will be many). I'm putting it on Wattpad again because it's one of my works, however embarrassing it may be.

Chapter One

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Game On...
by gonebeforethesunsets