My District is in t...
By Hailey_PC
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Everything went downhill after Keegan Caverly escaped District 12. She was "chosen" to be one of the 24 tributes from District 12 to be in the annual Hunger Games. Though this year there was a bit of a twist, only District 12 would participate and it would last a year. So now what will she do that she is in the games, her best friend Alok Oben is in the game, she has a crush on another tribute. And did I forget to mention that she gets pregnant, but who is the father? Now all Keegan has to do is survive to meet her baby, and then get out of these games. Cover made by: carolina_hernandez88 Check her out, she is fantastic at making book covers for Wattpad.

Chapter One

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My Distri...
by Hailey_PC