Sugar Daddy (Scomic...
By sugafairies
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He licked his lips. "Do you know exactly what a sugar daddy is, Mitch?" I thought about it. "Well I mean I know what it is, but..isn't there supposed to be something you guys get out of this?" I asked. "Well we typically seek some type of...satisfaction, if you will." "Sexual satisfaction?" I asked, piecing it together. "Bingo." he smirked. "Would you be willing to do that?" I thought about doing sexual things with him, and felt myself getting excited. So I nodded my head. "Is that so? Then how about you use that pretty little mouth of yours and show Daddy how much you love that diamond necklace?" !!! MATURE !!! THERE WILL BE SMUT, AND LOTS OF IT SO THIS IS YOUR WARNING BC IM NOT WARNING YALL IN THE CHAPTERS

Sugar Daddy (Scomiche)

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Sugar Dad...
by sugafairies