A Dance with the Bi...
By AkiraMirza27
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That's only then that I realized that the song just ended. His hand was still on my bare waist. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "Miss Khan." He said. I gathered all the courage possible and met with his dazzling blue eyes. It showed emotions for what I could say lust... or is it what I alway ran away of? "Excuse me." I said as I moved his hand away from my waist. I looked at my watch and noticed that it was already 8pm. Shot, the dinner with my dad! "Everything okay?" James asked. "Yes. Hmm excuse me, I've got to go. Bye." I said and walked towards the exit. James didn't stop me which I was glad of. I can't believe all that happened, dancing with James and all that he said. I thought that the show would be the though part of the day but it was meeting James Rollins. I just wish I could understand whatever he meant. And also understand what I'm up to... Are we both victims of philophobia? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What happens when the most wanted bachelor James Rollins gets mesmerized by Anaya Khan's beauty? A love story of course. Nobody knows what really happened on that mysterious night where Anaya's life changed where all her dreams got shattered by destiny's wicked plans. Well, Anaya Khan is one of the top rated dancers! She has got chocolate brown hair, brown eyes with a glint of blue, a well toned body and a kind heart. It is said that many man drool on her but she prefers the status of being single. She has a few feelings towards James but keeps on ignoring them. James Rollins the most handsome billionaire of the country who has got everything one wants and dreams of. The pictured perfect life. He is the C.E.O of Rollins&Co Enterprises. He is 6'2 feet, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Hope you enjoy the story. I also apologize for grammatical mistakes. P.S: It's my first story so read at your own cost ;).

Chapter 1

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A Dance w...
by AkiraMirza27