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"The Jock." A random girl squeals in excitement as she watch jake walk down the hallway. More like the jerk. 6'1 Jake got everything that he needs in school with his popularity increasing and girls wanting to be with him. A white boy who plays with girls hearts more than he dribble the basketball to the nearest goal. Boys wants to be him and girls want to be with him. He has a bright future ahead of him with a full ride to any university he desires as he continue playing basketball. He loves girls. Girls love him. He doesn't do the chasing rather the opposite but only girl on his mind is Kendra Martin; his best friend. Kendra Martin has been with Jake through thick and thin, knows every aspect of him and who we call it "she's like a sister to me" outlook, Jake thought. Sooner or later he's going to realize whether or not Kendra Martin is better off his best friend or the love of his life. Now for Kendra. Kendra Martin is the typical Haitian American girl who plays no game when it comes things. She is quiet the opposite of Jake. With boys daring not to hit on her because of Jake,although often try to with her. The only boy that's can get to Kendra was Jake Johnson. Jake Johnson as a best friend, girls always tries to come to Kendra for a little "boost" to jakes soft side like he has for Kendra but never succeed. Will these two come to there senses and be together or will they continue to be best friend as they fall out of each other arms? **ALL RIGHT RESERVED TO DEDLIEBOOK**

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