This is How I Love...
By xXAkatsukixLoverXx
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Do you want to know how I love you exactly? Well you're mister popular while I'm one of the dweebs in school. What do you expect me to do? The only things I can do are stare at you while you pass me in the halls, keep anything that was yours, follow you to your locker and bus stop, and watch you change in gym. I love you. It's how I show it without actually confronting you. It seems to work...right? I mean if you didn't notice me doing all of this then I'm doing it right. Now that I think about it, what would I do if you were to find about this? Nothing I guess. Why do I say that? I say that because you're not going to ever find out about this. Ever. I watch you, follow you, stare at you, and check you out. This is how I love you. ** USUALLY ONE UPDATE A DAY **

Entry One

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This is H...
by xXAkatsukixLoverXx