Seattle (Jinbop x R...
By MAD-47
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"This is.... Incredible." I stammer, walking towards the rail. He walks up behind me and puts his arms around me from behind. "Almost as amazing as you." He smiles, resting his head on my shoulder." -Seattle, Chapter Eight: The Date --- When faced with a new job, Y/N will now be working with her brother and his co-workers in Seattle, Washington. She is a YouTuber, and will be creating videos, collabing, editing, and creating schedules. Once she meets Jin and Ross, she soon realizes that, after some time, she has begun to deeply care for the two nerdy gamers, and they care for her as well. After some serious events occur, what will happen to Y/N, and who will she end up with? COPYRIGHT (C) 2016/MAD-47 All Rights Reserved

Chapter One: The Chance

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Seattle (...
by MAD-47