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By lolabeverlyhills
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Fátima "Cups" De la Cruz and Isabella "Cakes" De la Cruz are instafamous. They have tens of thousands of followers who thirst for them daily and insist that they should be models. However, their parents are livid when they get ahold of their daughters' social media accounts. They insist that the time the girls are spending on Instagram is keeping them away from their studies, but Fátima and Isabella insist they could be making a career out of their looks alone. When they are hit with the "Our House, Our Rules" mantra, they decide to set their own rules. In the first of this novelette series, the girls hit the road to prove that social media is more than just a game, if they play it right...

Cups & Cakes are a Trip

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Cups &...
by lolabeverlyhills