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By babyspiders
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Frank is an emo piece of shit who needs to get a grip on life. Gerard is an edgy fuckboy with totally not infected stretched ears and an obsession with writing shit poetry, also all he listens to is Neck Deep and Front Porch Step because they understand his inner angst and how he really is, and all that One Direction on his iPod, totally his Mikey's. And of course, they fucking hate each other. And of course, they're paired up together in English for a class project on Romeo and Juliet. Mikey is a Larry conspiracy theorist, he would compare his need for Larry to his need for oxygen, and if given a choice between the two we all know which one he'd pick. He is however gay and very open minded and generally kind to everyone, except Gryles shippers, of course. Pete is Mikey's best friend. They're sweet little dudes, and have been best friends since they were about six. They're both equally in love with One Direction and Pete doesn't even mind when Mikey talks for like three hours about Harry's dreamy eyes. Pete, however, perhaps, maybe has this little tiny crush on Mikey, which he considers to be the end of the world, however it's not that which leaves Mikey ignoring him for weeks. It's not even his shitty youtube channel with about 6 subscribers. Brendon is openly gay, big foreheaded, and big headed in general. The guy also loves 5SOS, like seriously he's the worst person in the world. He's about seven thousand miles up his own ass and thinks he's Tyler Oakley. He's also totally not fucking Ryan Ross, like seriously, wow that Brian Moss guy? Brendon doesn't even fucking know him, and he already knows he's an asshole. Ryan Ross is straighter than like a straight line. Ryan Ross is the epitome of no homo, and he's totally not getting off with Brendon Urie, because like he doesn't even know that guy - who the fuck is Breadbin Urine anyway? He smokes weed and generally has such a hard life as a 'straight' cis white boy with a secret weakness for John Green.

1: This Is Either The Worst Or The Best Thing You Will Ever Read

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No Homo...
by babyspiders