Social Experiment
By etherachel
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* * * Lauren Collins is a good girl. She's responsible and shy but has a tight knit group of friends, excellent grades, and is dating Thomas Clark, a popular football player at Littleton High School. Nathan Rhodes is a bad boy. There are too many rumors to count about the times he's been in jail, or come close to it. But behind the tough, arrogant bad boy facade, Nathan is a mysterious, observant guy with a few too many unrevealed secrets for Lauren's taste. When Lauren finds out her boyfriend has been using her for sex, she decides it's time to quit playing nice. With the help of her best friend, Lauren decides to create a social experiment that makes her become popular and outspoken; she goes from being invisible to being the center of attention overnight. She even seems to capture the attention of Nathan Rhodes. Both of them of secrets that they don't want to share. Both of them have enemies they want to get back at. Both of them have to realize that they aren't so different after all. * * * disclaimer: so far this story is unedited, and will probably remain unedited until i complete it. enjoy!

01 | Nothing Extra Ordinary

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Social Ex...
by etherachel